#2-1485 Welch Street
North Vancouver, BC
V7P 1B5
Phone: 604-984-9080

Meet the Staff

Henry Wang

Henry first started climbing in 1996. After climbing indoors and out, he purchased The Edge Climbing Centre in 1998 and the rest is history.  In his spare time, he can be found scuba diving our local waters, removing discarded garbage.  If you are interested in his non-profit organization, please visit his website.

Michelle Linhart

Michelle is tea-loving, book-reading, cat-loving person who's been working for the Edge since 2000. As a coach she's a merciless stickler for proper footwork. As a team manager she's obsessively organized; everything is labelled, she has lists for her lists, and boy does she like colour-coding! As a person, Michelle is sunny, outgoing and just a little bit silly. But only just a little.

Aeron Matthew

Hello, I am Aeron. Show me your plants. I recently finished a degree in Horticulture at UBC, and have been working at the Edge since way back when and happened to fall in love with climbing. Recently I have also started to set routes. On my days off you can probably find me in my garden eating organic salad. I also enjoy biking, surfing and food.

Nicole Lim

Nicole is an instructor at the gym. She first fell in love with climbing at the Edge, however her love of the sport blossomed when she discovered that she could not only be climbing, but also frolicking outdoors in the sunshine. When Nicole is not attempting to scale local craigs, you can find her collecting bad puns and even worse dance moves at the gym. So come stop by for a cheesy joke off. It’s gouda be great.

Charlotte Boardman

Ever wanted to visit the UK but didn’t have enough money? Well come get your little bit of London here at the Edge. Charlie our local Brit will fill you with joy with her delightful accent and love of good tea. Since moving to Canada in 2011 and becoming a part of the famous McColl family she has developed a love of climbing and she can often be found at the Edge (and sometimes outside) working on her climbing technique.

Kia Kaspian

Kia is a born and raised Vancouverite that has developed a love for coaching people of all ages and abilities in anything that has to do with movement. At the Edge, you will find him teaching kids aged 9 – 12 in our very own Spiders program, guiding teens in the Climb Club, running Intro to Indoor Climbing and Beyond the Basics courses, and working on technique with beginner and intermediate climbers in the Climb Clinic. His teaching doesn’t stop at The Edge – you might just spot him teaching skiing, karate, tennis, or archery somewhere in the city! He is particularly keen on working with children and teens facing challenges, whether that has to do with a fear of heights or falling, anxiety, or guiding children with special needs!

Angela Strong

Angela is a desk staff, camp leader, and instructor at the edge. The first time Angela was exposed to climbing she was a belay slave in the wilds of Squamish. Since then she has jumped between sports and has once again found herself looking up in awe at the Squamish Chief. Her future in climbing was sealed when she was hired at the Edge, and she realized that all her passions could be amalgamated in climbing!! Teaching children, encouraging others, adventuring, and pushing her boundaries are her JAM (all with an intense focus on safety of course ;)). So please come by and have a chat with her about your adventures in the great outdoors, and she JUST MIGHT have a smile for you :D.

Connor Martinek

You can usually tell our newest member of staff by his curly mop or hair, the contagious smile, the annoying noises coming from the till and the many apologies shortly after. Having said that, you are in safe hands. Connor has spent many years at the Edge. Learning to climbing in his younger youth and then working on the belay staff for numerous years. In the summertime you can find him trip leading whitewater rafting trips on some of B.C.'s biggest, wildest and most popular rivers. In the winters, he ski patrols on the local hills and frolics into the backcountry, whether it's climbing or skiing, whenever he can.