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Specialty Courses

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Coffee, Climbing & Conditioning with Ean

Price: $250 + GST for fall and winter session EACH /$200 + GST for spring session** (does NOT include climbing pass)


Come find out why people come back to this class year after year.

Who is this class for? Everyone! - beginners to veteran climbers alike. This is Ean’s 10th year teaching this super popular morning class. Jump Start your morning with a cup of locally roasted Bean Around the World Coffee, then ease into 80-90 minutes of climbing drills followed by Ean’s 24 station conditioning circuit specifically designed to create strength, flexibility, mobility and most importantly balance in musculature for Climbers.

***Participants must bring runners or some type of appropriate footwear for the conditioning portion of the class as bare feet is not allowed.

***A sweat towel is also recommended.

Best. Coffee. Ever. Sponsored by locally roasted Bean Around the World

Here's what some past participants have said about the course:

I thoroughly enjoyed the course.  The climbing drills and circuit training exercises were carefully planned  to gradually build strength, endurance, and skill over the course of the year.  My climbing has i mproved tremendously since September.  And my overall body fitness, strength, and balance is amazing.  Great for climbing, but also great for feeling strong in everything I do and overall health.  On top of all that, you have built a wonderful community of climbers and friends.  The supportive and motivational environment drew us all closer.  I now have 20 new friends to go climbing with!

Thanks for making it such a wonderful experience.  I'll see you in the fall!!

-Cath F.

Thank you so very much for another fun ccc session.  I found it most enjoyable because it was so motivating and I always do better in group activities compared to doing things on my own. At one point before I started ccc, I use to go to the gym to climb just for something to do. Now after three sessions of ccc I not only enjoy climbing so much more but I also enjoy bigger challenges and I am stronger than I have ever been before. I feel much healthier and the sessions in the mornings is what I so desperately needed for a balance between my long nights driving and trying to sleep in the day. I also found that for all three sessions the people were all fun to be with. I guess climbers are just cool fun people in general.
I look forward to our next session and wish you and your family a most wonderful and long summer.

-Dawood K.

Just read this in the Vancouver Sun and realized that what these people are marketing is only 25% of what we do at CCC (after climbing for 90 minutes). Thank you for helping us all to become so fit. I am thrilled with the progress that I have made over the past three years. I think I am stronger than I have ever been in my life.

-Erica B.

I thought it was a great year and really love the program. I can't really think of anything I would change.
Thanks for everything. Hope you have a great summer and see you in the fall.

-Gary K.

 The CCC program has produced fantastic results for me.  I've returned to climbing at the level I was at over 10 years ago.  Ean provides an interesting and varied program.  His attention to the details of the drills/exercises, which he adjusts to match each individual's capacity, is what keeps me coming back.  Whatever level you are at, Ean can make you better.

-John B.

I just thought I'd share with you that I've achieved a personal best yesterday - a 5.10c multi-pitch trad route.  The training with CCC has been really paying off, so I thought I would share with you this achievement since you've been a big part of building that.  The strength and endurance improvements that I've seen have really helped me to hold the stance while I find the right gear placement.  More importantly, I've learned ways to recover when I'm feeling pumped, stressed, or exhausted through the CCC training.  Previously, I would try to push through it and ultimately, make mistakes, have to weight the rope, or have less of an enjoyable experience, whereas now, I'm much better at finding a stance that lets me shake out and recover while I relax.  It has been instrumental.
Perhaps others have shared with you their achievements, but perhaps not, so I thought I should.  I think that teachers and coaches are often unsung heroes, so I'm singing a thank you to YOU  :)
My hope is to climb a 5.11 on the Grand Wall by the end of the summer.  If I don't, then I'll just train harder during the next CCC!  These little steps along the way are really helping and I'm getting much more enjoyment out of the experience.
Thank you Ean.



"Before my wife took lead climbing training with Ean, she rarely led climbed and would always top-rope or follow routes.  When she did lead there was lots of coaxing and stressful times, followed with numerous excuses about why she shouldn't lead climb today.  This spring she decided to try lead climbing training with Ean after a successful year training at CCC.  After the first session with Ean she insisted that we go to Squamish that weekend so she could lead Laughing Crack. She had done so in the past, but always with hesitation, resting on the rope and often with breakdowns. This time something was different;  she just walked up and climbed the route clean with confidence and no hesitation.  After the second session she came home and told me she wanted to go to Sully's Hangout to lead stuff.  I was shocked at the request. We went immediately and she onsighted two-5.10a routes, which is the hardest she had ever redpointed in the past, usually with weeks of top-roping to memorize the moves first.  As of last weekend she was swapping leads on a multi-pitch route with me and working to redpoint and taking falls on a 5.10b outdoors which I never would have thought she would be up for.  Thank you Ean, for helping her through her mental block and giving me the climbing partner I always knew she could be."


-Mike McMinn




  • At 43 years young, Ean continues to be in the best shape of his life!
  • Ean is passionate about rock climbing, martial arts, energy, natural healing modalities, his family, helping people move beyond their limitations and facilitating change - mentally, emotionally and physically. ( not necessarily in that order ).
  • Ean Kramer is the Creator/Founder of Longevity Training
  • NCCPT Certified Trainer with experience training people of all ages (5 year olds to people in their 80's) since 1999
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt - World Organization of Wushu Kung Fu Masters - My Jhong Law Horn Kung Fu Black Belt ( Martial Arts Instructor/coach/former national & international competitor with Gold,Silver & Bronze medals for forms and fighting ) Now teaches the rare Northern Shaolin art of My Jhong Law Horn Kung Fu as well as Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan and qigong
  • Over 15 years experience as a Pilates instructor
  • Edge Courses Ean has taught: CCC, Beyond the Basics, Introduction to Indoor Rock Climbing, The Lead Climbing Course, and movement courses
  • Ean has also been one of the people responsible for creating some of the routes that the members of the Edge have loved 

***For more information visit longevitytraining.ca



Ean is now offering personal training sessions/performance coaching at The Edge for Edge members.  Ean's workouts strengthen the mind as well as the body.  They combine rock climbing, total body strength training, flexibility exercises and can include exercises to increase energy and reduce stress if desired.  Whether you want to lose weight, increase strength, endurance, muscle mass, flexibility, range of motion, balance, overcome fears or if you want to take your climbing to the next level, Ean can create a training program for you and help you make the goals that you dream about become the reality that you are living.


1 on 1 Personal Training $125/hour
2 person Training session $75/hour per person
3 person Training session $65/hour per person
To schedule a free consultation or to book an appointment Call (778)987-8857 or e-mail ean@longevitytraining.ca

For testimonials or to read more about Ean and Longevity Training check out: longevitytraining.ca




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Parents Club

Price: $150+GST for members, $320+GST for non-members

Staying active after becoming a parent is so important, both to your own health and to your baby’s. Finding the time to climb with the little one can be tricky sometimes, and we’re here to help with that. Join us once a week and get the climbing instruction and workout that you need, in a relaxed, quiet and supportive environment that your little one is welcome in! This course is for parents with children aged 0-36 months, and the class will provide equipment (eg. a playpen) so that parents can easily take turns watching the babies while other parents climb. New climbers are welcome, and belay instruction will be given as needed.


The instructor, Anna Lee, is a retired Community Health Nurse and an experienced climber. 


No more than 2 children per adult. Only adults will be climbing.

Phone us for course dates.