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Youth Climbing Team

The Edge Youth Team is a community of athletes, coaches, parents and climbers who share the passion for climbing and personal improvement. This community exists in a unique environmemt of positivity, support and comdaraderie. In a culture where many youth sports place too much emphasis on winning and competition, competition climbing has an incredible atmosphere for personal development and discovery. Come watch a climbing competition and see for yourself!

There are currently no courses to show at this time.
Upcoming courses
  Aug 05 The Climb Clinic
  Aug 11 Gecko - Summer Camp 2015
  Aug 11 Spiders - Summer Camp 2015
  Aug 18 Spiders - Summer Camp 2015
  Aug 18 Gecko - Summer Camp 2015
  Aug 18 Gecko - Summer Camp 2015
  Aug 25 Gecko - Summer Camp 2015
  Aug 25 Spiders - Summer Camp 2015
  Aug 26 Beyond the Basics
  Aug 29 Introduction to Indoor Lead Belaying