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Youth Climbing Team

The Edge Youth Team is a community of athletes, coaches, parents and climbers who share the passion for climbing and personal improvement. This community exists in a unique environmemt of positivity, support and comdaraderie. In a culture where many youth sports place too much emphasis on winning and competition, competition climbing has an incredible atmosphere for personal development and discovery. Come watch a climbing competition and see for yourself!

There are currently no courses to show at this time.
Upcoming courses
  Feb 03 Beyond the Basics
  Feb 07 Geckos
  Feb 09 The Climb Clinic
  Feb 16 Beyond the Basics
  Feb 21 Introduction to Indoor Lead Belaying
  Mar 07 Geckos
  Mar 10 Spiders - Springbreak Camp 2015
  Mar 10 Gecko - Springbreak Camp 2015
  Mar 17 Gecko - Springbreak Camp 2015
  Mar 17 Spiders - Springbreak Camp 2015
  Mar 31 Coffee, Climbing & Conditioning with Ean
  Apr 01 Coffee, Climbing & Conditioning with Ean
  Apr 07 Spiders
  Apr 09 Spiders