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School Programs

At the Edge we welcome teachers to bring their students to the gym for some climbing excitement!

We offer one consolidated program for elementary schools and high schools. The program uses auto-belayers, we are the first gym in Vancouver to use this technology. The auto belayers will assist climbers to the top of the climbing wall and slowly lower the climber on the way down.

Because we no longer need to staff specific to your group size, we will no longer need to know exactly how many climbers are coming (an approximate number is good enough). You just need to pay for the number of kids that actually show up! Also the kids will get a lot more climbing because the ratios are better then our previous program.

The climbing sessions will cost $17.00 plus tax per climber. That's a $7.00 discount from our regular rate! For the schools who simply don't have enough time, you can choose the 1-hour climbing session for only $12.00 plus tax.

This is our online booking form. Just remember to call in advance to make sure the time and date that you need is actually available.

Please Download the Waiver and have each student fill it out before your scheduled visit!

Upcoming courses
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