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North Vancouver, BC
V7P 1B5
Phone: 604-984-9080

Climbing Parties

The Edge Does Parties!

Book your next birthday, office party or friends get together at the Edge. We provide a perfect introduction to climbing with these one and a half hour climbing sessions. We supply the equipment, manage the ropes and take care of all the safety issues for you.

Our 3:1 client to staff ratio insures safety, lots of climbing fun (and is the highest safety ratio of any climbing gyms in the Lower Mainland). Suitable for all ages!

Or please call 604-984-9080 to book the time you want.

Booking Details:
  • Cost is $24.00 plus GST per climber
  • Large group discount begins at 15 climbers or greater and will be automatically included in your cost.
  • 3 person minimum
  • The private party lounge is included in the price of your party and is reserved for an hour's use after the climbing portion of your party. i.e. If the climbing portion of your party is from 10:30am to 12:00pm, the lounge will be reserved from 12:00pm to 1:00pm for you automatically.

Birthday parties:

You can choose from these three birthday invitations! They are printable and ready to be colored by your kids! These invitations already have the Edge waiver attached for your convenience.

Upcoming courses
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