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Kid's Courses - Ages: 13-19

Have a child that is interested in climbing? Why not sign up for one of our kids programs. See information below for program dates and prices.

The Edge is committed to providing a high-level instructional progression for young climbers. From exploring the sport in Geckos to competing nationally and internationally with our Competitive Team, we strive to provide programming for every child at every level of development.
Our philosophy has remained constant throughout the 22 year history of our facility. We believe that physical pursuits provide a great atmosphere for young people to learn about life skills such as: discipline, dedication, dealing with success and failure, goal setting and self-discovery. We encourage each athlete to take responsibility for his/her learning and performance. All of our programs follow logical teaching progressions that allows for all athletes to improve at their own pace. Our programs are designed and delivered by a dedicated coaching staff including several past National Champions.

Teen Intro

Price: $59 + tax

For Teens who are new to climbing and want to learn to belay.

Runs at the same time as our Adult Intro. Teens are taught using slightly modified equipment specially designed for younger/lighter belayers.

Please book through our Adult Intro page.

  • Phone us for course dates.

Upcoming courses
  Apr 29 Spiders
  May 01 Spiders
  May 03 Geckos
  May 06 MOVEment
  May 12 Beyond the Basics
  Jun 07 Geckos
  Jul 08 Spiders - Summer Camp 2014
  Jul 08 Gecko - Summer Camp 2014
  Jul 08 Spiders - Summer Camp 2014
  Jul 15 Spiders - Summer Camp 2014
  Jul 15 Gecko - Summer Camp 2014
  Jul 15 Spiders - Summer Camp 2014
  Jul 22 Spiders - Summer Camp 2014
  Jul 22 Gecko - Summer Camp 2014
  Jul 22 Spiders - Summer Camp 2014
  Aug 05 Gecko - Summer Camp 2014
  Aug 05 Spiders - Summer Camp 2014
  Aug 12 Spiders - Summer Camp 2014
  Aug 12 Gecko - Summer Camp 2014
  Aug 19 Gecko - Summer Camp 2014